Nerve’s 10 Sexiest Videos Were Clearly Chosen By Someone Exactly My Age

Normally, I don’t fall for long lists like this because they’re just meant to stir up emotion, but when someone sent us the link to’s 50 Sexiest Music Videos I had to go there and make sure “Wicked Game,” “Justify My Love” and “Cradle Of Love” were in the top ten, because I secretly taped them in middle school and I’ve only watched like six music videos since that exciting pre-drivers-license era. And they are! Which makes me really suspicious that the guy who made this list was also in middle school at the turn of the ’80s/’90s decade. Either that, or there have been no major improvements in “sexy” videos since then. Anyway, “Cradle Of Love” is the reason I always giggle when I meet someone named “Devin.” It’s still so great, but also funny now:

If Nerve’s next videos list is of “Best Dance Videos” and Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract” is #1, my suspicions will be completely confirmed.