Fergie To Stretch Her Talent Wide


Fergie is excited about adding the role of a prostitute to her acting portfolio.

I bet she is!

The Grammy-winning singer has been cast as Saraghina in “Nine,” a big-screen adaptation of the Tony-winning musical. She will perform the saucy song “Be Italian” with Guido, played by Daniel Day-Lewis.

“She’s basically a prostitute on the beach,” Fergie told The Associated Press in an interview. “She introduces him to the world of sexuality. It’s a very strong song. I’m just thrilled I get to play a character. I’m singing, but I’m not singing as myself. I’m going to be singing as a character, and that’s what’s really exciting to me.”

Yeah, singing as a character. Exactly. A character who just happens to share your love of mesh clothing. The real question, though, is when Fergie is on set, will she be a sponge?

“I’m speechless,” she said of the opportunity to work with the film’s A-list talent. “I’m definitely going to be a sponge on set.”

She’s definitely going to be a sponge on set, you guys. So please be safe. Wrap it up. With a condom. Because of how gross her body is.