Tony Jaa Is No Longer Missing

Tony Jaa has been found. On television. From Variety:

BANGKOK — Tony Jaa appeared on a TV talk show Monday night to counter the allegations by Sahamongkol Film Int’l over his disappearance from the set and alleged overspending of Baht250 million budget of “Ong-bak 2.”

Jaa, who broke down at one point in front of the cameras, claimed that he has received only Baht117 million from the studio and that he didn’t abandon the set but had gone off to “pursue his artistic quest.”

“I’m shocked at what happened,” said Jaa. “I didn’t receive Baht250 million. There must be a misunderstanding over the number and I have proof of all my spending.

“There are so many problems. I went away to focus on the artistic angle of the film. I make this film not with the number and figures in mind, but for its artistic quality. I invest my effort in it with almost spiritual devotion.”

The star also apologized Sahamongkol if his quest for artistic excellence has created trouble for the production, but insisted that he never forgot how he got so far with the help and support of the studio.

I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that Tony Jaa is no longer missing. Unless you’re some kind of elephant or ancient relics thief. Then it’s look out, Tony Jaa is back, whoops, double elbows in your skull.