The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Casting Contest Heats Up (From Cheeto Farts)

Two weeks ago, I posted a message to the nerds about an Aqua Teen Hunger Force contest being held at Comic-Con in which fans of the show could compete to play the role of Carl in a live-action episode of the show. I urged the nerds not to give in to this blatant mockery. I urged them to stand up for themselves, to brush the Cool Ranch dust from their thighs and say “no, we will not debase ourselves in a race to the bottom for the chance to be cast as an inhumanely disgusting caricature of sloppy laziness.”

Surprise, nerds no care. Here are some of them entering the competition.

The guy second from right is obviously the winner in whatever kind of meritocratic scale of measurement could ever be applied to this “contest,” but it’s the small white haired guy to the left’s story that I really want to know more about. Clearly he’s someone’s dad, and entering this contest is his way of showing them that he loves them. I have no idea what the guy on the right thinks he’s doing. He looks like he was just wandering through the Omni Hotel lobby on the way to the Tank Top convention and saw the other guys and was like, “This must be the line for the depression buffet.” And the guy on the left, as if this doesn’t go without saying, is your boyfriend.