The Children Of Darfur Agree With Roger Ebert’s Review Of Step Brothers

From Roger Ebert’s Step Brothers review (via Vulture):

Sometimes I think I am living in a nightmare. All about me, standards are collapsing, manners are evaporating, people show no respect for themselves. I am not a moralistic nut. I’m proud of the X-rated movie I once wrote. I like vulgarity if it’s funny or serves a purpose. But what is going on here?

The children of Darfur agree.

Said one child, “I don’t know which nightmare will end sooner, the genocidal violence in my country, or Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly’s reluctance to make a mature and thoughtful comedy that doesn’t rely on their intellectually lazy and well-tread fart schtick. What is this? Oh, a land mi–“