The Punisher: War Zone Doesn’t Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

They showed a red band trailer for The Punisher: War Zone at the comic book festival, you guys, and let me just say, OM God:

I take back what I said previously about how this movie looked like Moulin Rouge directed by Joel Schumacher. It looks like Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem directed by Robert Rodriguez. Don’t get me wrong, it still looks like probably the worst thing ever made in the history of making, but it’s horrible for totally different reasons than the ones I first assumed. It’s so disappointing, too, as someone who loves and supports vigilante justice (also known as regular justice). And you know the studio isn’t supporting a film like this when they won’t even give them the budget for Drowning Pool’s “Bodies.” Awww. Let the bodies hit the knock off song, let the bodies hit the knock off song.

All of that being said, we should probably all see this because Step Brothers looks like well-worn territory, and Pineapple Express promises to disappoint, and we could all use a good laugh. Because of 9/11.