Bill O’Reilly’s First Album Is Titled “Still Racist After All These Years”

The Bill O’Reilly vs. Nas feud continues with this segment:

(via Nah Right)

No, Bill O’Reilly, you’re not a racist for pointing out that Nas’s latest album sold fewer copies in its first week than his previous album, you’re racist for not mentioning that it’s still the number one album in the country, for not acknowledging that the music industry is in a catastrophic downturn resulting in lower record sales for all artists, and you’re probably racist for the way you keep saying “Nas,” although that one’s really complicated (and creepy) and would take a race scientist to figure out. Oh, you’re also racist for saying that any news organization that provides coverage of the protest is corrupt. OH, and you’re also racist for smarmily taunting “I hope it doesn’t make me racist to say so,” because that’s the kind of thing racists say. But as far as the record sales figures go, no sir, you are in the clear, your sensitivity and tolerance towards numbers remains unimpeachable.

Bill O’Reilly is a fucking clown.