Estelle Getty To Be Memorialized With Touching Sitcom Marathon

Lifetime’s tribute to the work of Estelle Getty is the new sadness.

This Friday, July 25, Lifetime Television will pay a special on-air and online tribute to Estelle Getty, who played the cantankerous “Sophia Petrillo” on the iconic comedy series “The Golden Girls.” Ms. Getty passed away today at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 84.

From 12-5PM (ET/PT), Lifetime will air 10 episodes showcasing “Sophia” in all her blustering, sarcastic splendor, beginning with the show’s pilot. The last episode at 4:30PM (ET/PT) will be the #1 favorite “Sophia episode” as decided through a vote of her legion of devoted fans at

I mean, it’s a fitting tribute, I GUESS. And I do love that the last episode will air at 4:30 PM, giving everyone just enough time to change into their breathable nylon track suits and head over to the Sizzler for the Early Bird Special. But maybe there’s a better way to honor a human life than a five hour run in the middle of the day on basic cable, especially since I just went to the website and it took me five minutes to find where to even vote for my favorite episode. That’s five minutes that devoted Golden Girls fans could spend working on their Mah Jong game, or sending articles they clipped out of the local paper to their grandchild.