Have You Ever Run For A Judgeship In The Pale Moon Light?

Now this is how you do Citizen Marketing. A Las Vegas judge has had her campaign sign JOKERIZED! From KVBC:

Vandals might think they’re funny, but Judge Stefany Miley isn’t laughing.

The candidate for District Court 23 became the target of “Bat-mania” over the weekend, when a campaign sign was covered in paint and the judge’s face was altered with a bright red “joker smile.”

Miley’s name was transformed to “Smiley” and at one point the word “judge” had been replaced with “joker.”

If only Batman were here to round up these ruffians.

I don’t want to lose focus on how great this graffiti is by getting too wrapped up in how conversely terrible this article is, but just a few things to set the record straight:

  1. This vandal DEFINITELY thinks he’s funny. Because he is.
  2. “Bat-mania” is not a thing, so you shouldn’t put it in quotes.
  3. Round up these ruffians? No.

I bet the jar in the KVBC kitchenette where journalists have to put a quarter every time they write a horrible sentence is mad full. Pizza party! OK, back to appreciating the work of a bored 14-year-old so much.