Gossip Girl Eats Lunch Alone

The new season of Gossip Girl begins September 1. (I still have a little over a month to get caught up. Don’t even worry about it. Note to self: start actually watching Gossip Girl.) In order to promote the new season, the WB is releasing these “steamy” ads featuring children fucking, and are using the negative commentary of the show’s critics as tag lines. Classic. This show is so anti-authores. It’s totes in your face. (I’m assuming. I have a little over one month to have a clue what I’m talking about.) But some people think that the ads are just more proof that the show is … desperate?

Other such lovey-dovey moments (on a couch, in the sack or apparently skinny-dipping) are accompanied by headlines like “A Nasty Piece of Work” and “Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate.”

That latter phrase was borrowed from the Parents Television Council, which has blasted the series’ salacious content since its premiere.

“I think it reeks of desperation, if they have to position themselves as so edgy and so controversial that they’ve been called out by us,” said Melissa Henson, PTC director of communications.

Yeah, this show with its magazine covers and constant coverage is so desperate. It just reeks of desperation. I heard the show got canceled but it started crying so bad that the head of development at the WB felt bad and put it back on the air, but it’s basically canceled. It’s not even on TV, really, but everyone just feels so bad because of how desperate it is. Oh, Parents Television Council, this is the same type of world view that leads you to teach your children that the bullies who tease them are only doing it because they have low self-esteem. Wrong. They’re only doing it because it’s called psy-ops, and if your eyes are full of tears from teasing, you won’t see the FIST coming at your FACE.