UK Insurance Mascot Dog Caught Swearing Maybe

Over across the seas in England, they have commercials starring a bobble-headed dog named Churchill who encourages consumers to buy car insurance using his trademark catchphrase: “Oh, yesss.” The mascot is apparently quite popular. Last week, sharp (or gutter-minded) viewers caught the dog saying something naughty in this commercial and put it on YouTube, and it’s been reported in papers over there, though the company denies it. Hear for yourself:

At first I didn’t hear anything, but then I sent it to a friend who heard “Fuck” and another friend who heard “Suck it.” Upon turning up the sound, you can kind of hear either. Maybe it’s a Rorschach test and you hear what you want to hear, but unless the video is doctored (though that newspaper story interviews people who supposedly heard it on TV), he definitely says something.