Heavy Metal Praying Lot

The BBC has a story today about a 62-year-old Capuchin monk, Brother Cesare, who is the lead singer in a heavy metal band, because the BBC is tired of Tay Zonday getting all the viral hits. Brother Cesare got the inspiration after going to a “Metallica hard rock concert.” The video is cute (nullus, although I’m not sure you need to say nullus when it’s about monks), but at the same time, I still would like to see this guy go into the octagon with Matisyahu to see which novelty religio-music act God likes better. And no offense to my fellow tribesmen, but I hope Brother Cesare catches Matisyahu in a triangle choke and sends him to the heaven we don’t believe in.

Watch the monk here. (BBC via StreetCarnage)