Harry Potter Is The McDonald’s Of Movie Franchises

This is the 15 second teaser trailer they are showing ahead of The Dark Knight this weekend for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, you guys:

Ooph. What? This tells me nothing. This is like someone trying to be a cocktease by just looking at your pants and nodding. Is there someone who feels like the only thing that can keep the world from spinning out of control is some kind of reassurance that they will one day release another Harry Potter movie? Because if there is such a person I would like to kindly reassure them that they need not worry, and then I would like to bludgeon them.

Ugh, this trailer. This is like those ads on the subway for peanuts from America’s Peanut Farmers reminding me that peanuts exist. I KNOW PEANUTS EXIST, AMERICA’S PEANUT FARMERS. Except that at least with those ads, they have a drawing of a talking peanut or something. Ha! Look at that peanut wearing a hat! This, though, is nothing. This is worse than nothing. Who’s going to give me my 15 seconds back? I can’t get that back now. OOOOOH, this trailer makes me so angry. Destructo Hollywoodis!