So It Begins: Gossip Girl

Lindsay covered Gossip Girl at the tail end of last season, when it was roundly being declared one of the most bloggable shows on television, but it didn’t really stick. Something about the show’s “Gilmore Girls of the Upper East Side” dialogue and soap operatic plotting ran counter to Lindsay’s taste (not enough animals involved in trampoline accidents). So I will be taking over for her next season, and who better to cover the show than the guy who was so deeply involved in The O.C. that he had numerous dreams about it, inclduding the following:

Sandy Cohen filled his mouth with grain alcohol, pulled a cigarette lighter from his pocket, and blew a fireball into Julie Cooper-Nichol’s face. Her entire upper-body and head burst into flames, and she ran screaming into this deadwood forest that, upon waking, I found myself capable of comparing only to the Swamp of Sorrow from The Neverending Story.

I’ve got the rest of the summer to catch up, and clearly I’m going to need it, because these new promos for season 2 don’t make any sense to me right now.

Huh? Fair enough. September 1st. I will be ready.