Tracy Morgan’s Scare Tactics, You Guys

Scare Tactics premiered on the SciFi Channel last night. Normally, that would be news placed at the top of the Who Cares pile, if it weren’t for the Videogum Promise to stay abreast of whatever’s going on with Tracy Morgan. He takes over hosting duties from Stephen Baldwin and Shannen Doherty. Nicely done, Tracy Morgan’s agents. But the show is actually kind of amazing. The first thing Tracy Morgan says as host is “the only reason I’m here is because this shit is crazy.” (Liar. I know how TV/paychecks work.) Here’s a clip from last night’s premiere episode:

Haha. DEMON BABY! Hmmm, as Lindsay pointed out, that really doesn’t look like it was taped with hidden cameras, and when Britney’s mom reveals that she’s been on Scare Tactics she thinks it’s going to help her get a jump on her acting career, which is what I always think when I’m being confronted with a demon baby. “You never know who’s in the audience of this medical clinic.” Also, in the set up to this prank, we’re told that Britney thought she just got a job answering phones. Wait a second. Got a job? Do you know how long it takes to get a job? Like, she sat down for an interview with the actor who pretends to be a doctor? The classified ad read “Must want work, ask mom for details.”

In the next prank, a guy working construction thinks he’s just been witness to a wood-chipper murder. Fair enough. In a pre-interview, his girlfriend says that she set Tim up because “he’s always making fun of me fo–” and then they cut to the next thing. WHAT IS HE ALWAYS MAKING FUN OF HER FOR? Mind + this show = blown mind.

Watch the full episode here.