Grand Theft Auto IV Paradiso

The best thing about this video in which a bunch of famous movie scenes are recreated using the multi-player function of Grand Theft Auto IV is that a lone nerd in his mom’s basement couldn’t make it. He needed a whole gang of nerds living in their moms’ basements, operating IN HARMONY. You can just picture them, Cheeto dust encrusted on their headsets, barking directives at each other like “Dude, you’ve got to get your avatar to face me, get your avatar to face me, dude. Dude, it’s not going to work if your avatar isn’t facing me. Get your avatar to face me, dude. Dude. Your avatar. Dude, get your avatar to turn around and face me. Slider_69, get your fucking avatar to face me, dude.”

(via GorillaMask)

But they got ‘er done. It probably only took 4500 hours total, which leaves plenty of time for not doing laundry or bathing.