Marilyn Manson Is Bald, Everything Else About Him Totally Real

I don’t know what is sadder, Marilyn Manson’s aging goth clown schtick, or this one angry fan’s relentless attempts to show the world that Manson wears a wig. Like, OK, you got him, dude. You really opened our eyes. I can’t believe we were all such sheeple led to the slaughter as far as Marilyn Manson’s hair was concerned?

(via BuzzFeed)

We definitely all lose on this one, guys. Mark it up in the Book of FAIL. Interestingly enough, Marilyn Manson doesn’t lose when his wig is knocked off. It’s actually when he’s being frantically rushed to safety by his security team that he loses. So much for being birthed in a sack of hate. And that French kid loses every day when he looks in the mirror.