Dr. Drew Loves Being A Celebrity, Hates Other Celebrities

Dr. Drew, in his relentless pursuit of weird fame, has positioned himself as the perfect point man on a new VH1 reality show that would follow recovering celebrities after they leave Celebrity Rehab and try to put their lives back together, because if there’s one thing that every recovery specialist will tell you it’s that the best way to keep yourself off drugs and alcohol when you have an addiction to those things is to surround yourself with a television crew and the guidance of a sham doctor who’s using your disease to build his career. The New York Post reports:

THE brain scientists who brought VH1 “Celebrity Rehab” are lobbying for a spinoff called “Sober Living.”

The show, which would be a cross between “Surreal Life” and “The Real World,” would put a number of “Celebrity Rehab” alumni together in a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion for 30 days while they try to rebuild their careers without drugs and alcohol.

Like “Celebrity Rehab,” the new show would prominently feature Dr. Drew Pinsky (“Loveline”), who oversees the celebs during their stints in televised rehab.

This fucking guy. At some point he’s just going to start pitching shows that are like “Dr. Drew decapitates celebrities with a magic sword and absorbs their power.” And the weekly challenge is that he has to look at himself in a mirror without crying. Dr. Drew is Lindsay’s boyfriend.