This Is Your Brain On Drugs With A Side Of Bacon And Some Free Cigarettes

Before the Food Network became popular with shows like Iron Chef and Ace of Cakes, before Top Chef and Rachael Ray entered the mainstream, food was simpler. But now that fine dining has become popularized and people are educating their palettes like a bunch of SNOBS, it’s time to just fucking go for it and get actually insane about food. I don’t mean insane like “really into,” I mean insane like “that man’s face is made out of diaper.” That’s where the show Food Party comes in:

Eggcellent. (Sorry). Srsly though, who needs Wonder Showzen when you’ve got this thing? Parts 2 and 3 eggfter the jump.

Part 2:

Part 3:

(thanks for the tip, Emily)

I’m worried that this show is actually just made by some kids in Brooklyn, which would be sad. I’d much rather that it was the extra-curricular project at a mental hospital to keep the patients pre-occupied so they wouldn’t realize that their families had abandoned them to die.

You can watch more Food Party here, and buy a DVD of it here, and eat here.