Diddy Provides The First Positive Review Of Hancock

The best thing about Diddy vlogs is that he really sticks to the format, i.e. a long rambling monologue with little to no forethought about a subject that’s primarily of interest to an audience of one. It’s such a great way to get your point across (it’s a horrible way to get your point across), that it’s only a matter of time before all the media moguls start talking into their i-Sight cameras (it is not a matter of time). Today’s entry is after the jump, and it features some NSFW language near the end, so headphones.

Fair enough. Now who’s going to tell him that Hancock sucks? I mean, Diddy’s right about the ways in which lack of representation in popular culture can be harmful to the group psyche, but I’m pretty sure him getting excited about Hancock is like me going nuts for The Hebrew Hammer. Not to mention the fact that it was such a strain for Diddy to even name white superheroes, I’m not convinced that it was something that bothered him. If it was, he might have remembered that Spawn was black, just for example, as well as John Henry Irons’s Steel, and a long list of others. I’m not saying that Diddy doesn’t have a point insofar as there hasn’t been a really mainstream black superhero due to the historical bigotry of our country, but at this point you might as well hold out for a decent one. You didn’t see me poop my pants about The Zohan.