Miley Cyrus And Mandy Jiroux Headed For A Sympathy Vote Victory

While we all wait for Miley and Mandy’s next video in the YouTube Dance Off with the Adam Chu Dance Crew (ACDC), which they announced last week would go online June 10th, Chu et al went ahead and released another video of outtakes. I don’t know about this incessant outtakes posting, John Chu Dance Crew. Everyone has already acknowledged that you demolished Miley Cyrus right in her expensive face with your last video, so at this point it just seems like you guys are kind of being smug bullies. NOT that you didn’t seem like smug bullies already, with your endless celebrity endorsements and your at-home Dance Off Studio that you had specially crafted to embarrass people on the internet.

The new outtakes video does feature plenty of aggressive men dancing like they want to fight in an abandoned Tim Horton’s.

I seriously think this might shift the tide towards Miley and Mandy. The Adam Chu Dance Crew needs to RELAX and stop rubbing it into the girls’ faces with their magical feet.