The Real World Brooklyn Might Be In An Urban (Wink Wink) Area

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the next season of The Real World is filming in Brooklyn this summer, but the exact neighborhood remains unannounced. There were some reports last week that it might not be the assumed favorite, Williamsburg, with its tall bikes and anti-establishment establishments, but rather the much less gentrified and more business-like Downtown Brooklyn. For those of you who do not live in New York, Downtown Brooklyn is mostly skyscrapers and office buildings. It’s also blacker, which is why it’s fun to read this New York Times article about The Real World’s potential new location. You know, fun like how racism is fun.

But a real estate developer said the location may likely be well outside Williamsburg, in the new BellTel Lofts in Downtown Brooklyn. Not near downtown, like Brooklyn Heights, but downtown-downtown, hard by the state and federal courthouses, the city’s emergency-response command center and the rows of barber shops, check-cashing services, fast-food joints and vendors selling counterfeit DVDs, religious statues and floor soaps that promise to remove jinxes.

In other words, things could get more real than usual for “The Real World.”

Things could get more real, you guys. I know what that means because I was raised in a society of deeply codified bigotry.

While it’s true that The Real World traditionally tapes in deeply gentrified areas where the kids can stay locked up in their renovated-bank-vault-palaces, I’m pretty sure the original title of this article about the possibility that they would move the show outside of that zebra-printed, lipstick-smudged, down-feather-stuffed safety circle is “Let’s Talk To Some Black People About The Real World Because I Bet They Will Have Some Crazy Answers.”

We’re doing great, guys, as a civilization. We should probably just keep it up.