El Curiouso Case De Benjamin Button

It’s foreign movie trailer day! A round of limoncellos and pickled herring for everyone! The official English (i.e. Correct) trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is playing ahead of Indiana Jones and the Weekend Spielberg Buys a New Heliport but won’t be available online until next week. But you can watch this crappy looking Spanish one right now! And since there’s virtually no dialog in the trailer, it’s like watching a crappy looking English one anyway:

(via comingsoon)

David Fincher directed this movie. You love David Fincher. Brad Pitt is in it. You love Brad Pitt. It’s based on a story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who ages backwards. You’ve heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Success! This movie looks great, but I heard it gets really sad towards the end when they ship Button off to live on the Island of Dr. Moreau as Moreau’s personal assistant.

Total Charlize-Theron-in-Monster-caliber Oscar bait.