Even The Bloopers In National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets Are Bad

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets comes out on DVD today, just in case you wanted to play a mean joke on your friend for their birthday. The special two-disc “Gold Collector’s Edition” (because at some point mass produced DVDs of mid-market Hollywood adventure movies are going to be worth a fortune, but only if you have the right edition) includes some never before seen bloopers.

The one blooper where the cop slips on his way to the car accident actually made me laugh out loud, proving once and for all that people falling down is still the funniest thing. Sorry, Louis C.K. You can’t beat science. But the weirdest thing about this clip is that behind-the-scenes footage of big budget movies always makes it look like so much fun and like actors lead the funnest life. Not here. What a boring job, having to stand under bright lights listening to Nicolas Cage’s bullshit all day. It makes almost any job look more cush. For example:

The joke is that drinking water from an elephant turd is preferable to working with Nicolas Cage. It’s one of those jokes that is funny because of the truth inherent in the joke. Laugh now.