NSFW: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bang Is The Grindhouse Of Literary Promotions

Apparently we should rename this site What’s up with the news today, world?

Author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Choke) has a new book coming out, Snuff, which Random House describes as “a full-frontal Triple X novel that goes where no American work of fiction has gone before.” Of course, Penthouse Forum has been going there for years, but all those letters are super real and non-fictional so they don’t count. In order to promote the new book, which deals with imaginary porn star Cassie Wright, Palahniuk has given her a fake MySpace Page, as well as creating a series promos for fake pornos. The newest one, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bang, was released today (Get it? Released? We win!). This may be fake, but it’s real NSFW:

Yup, that looks like a really low budget porno full of sad people forced by circumstances beyond their control into an economic subculture that rewards self-destructive behavior. They nailed it. (Get it? Nailed it? We lose!)