With Great Vagina Power Comes Great Butt Responsibility

Alexyss “Vagina Power” Tyler is back, you guys. This is verbally NSFW, so headphones UP!

(via Street Carnage)

One time in high school I went on a class camping trip, and I didn’t use the bathroom for three days. So, I kind of see where Ms. Tylor is coming from. But also no one sees where Ms. Tylor is coming from. Like, she’s theoretically correct. If we are ashamed of our bodies, we are not prepared for intense physical intimacy. But, like, who is she talking to? I know she’s trying to open some eyes, I just don’t know what kind of heads those eyes are seated in. Crazy heads, I guess. I’m pretty sure she talks like this at work. And the grocery store. “Give me a half pound of muenster. I’m going to eat the muenster on a sandwich and later I’m going to shit it out of my asshole. My asshole is located one to two inches behind my vagina. Do you know where I could find the cereal aisle?”

Still, this is not nearly as good as Ghostface Killah’s book-on-tape for how to live right. That is the best. Brush your teeth.