Ricky Gervais And Jason Bateman: Two Pals Pallin It Up In Pal Town

Here are Ricky Gervais and Jason Bateman goofin’ around like a couple of goofballs on the set of Gervais’s directorial debut feature film, This Side Of The Truth:

Now, for some reason I could watch these two drive around Spain eating delicious food and laughing at each other’s jokes and not feel like cutting my credit cards in half, burning my driver’s license, and living off the grid. You know, as a sidenote, that show would be a lot better if one of them had to eat the other at the end of the trip. My money would be on Batali, obviously, but I’d still place a safety bet on Paltrow. She’s a mother now, and I heard a mother in distress can eat a car by herself if there’s a baby trapped under it.

This Side of Truth, a moral fable about a land where everyone tells the truth until one man learns how to lie, also features Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, Christopher Guest, John Hodgman, and Louis CK. It’s basically the “We Are The World” of comedic feature film-making. I’m pretty sure we will see the eradication of world hunger when this comes out in 2009. Hunger for jokes!

Thanks, guys. My letter of resignation after the jump.

I quit.