The Hills Is A Lot Of Fun, I Hope It Doesn’t Die

Whoops, I totally forgot. In my Hills recap today I gave a prediction of what would happen to the cast members as they got older. LC is clearly on the downward path to becoming a bitter Margo Channing just as soon as she’s old enough to be replaced by a newer model of animatronic girlbot. Heidi, meanwhile, is destined to take on the shuffling borderline-psychotic role of Baby Jane Hudson. It makes sense, too, since clearly Lauren and Heidi are two sides of the same Bette Davis.

But the whole reason I was even thinking about that was because in last night’s episode Lauren was talking to Lo, and I couldn’t help but think about what was going to happen to Lo as she aged, but then I forgot to include it in my post. SORRY. Here is Lo as she appeared last night:

And here is Lo in about 40 years.

I’m just pulverized by this latest Lo.

Season 4 of The Hills preview here.