The Real World Is Coming To Brooklyn: Looks Like The Last Night’s Party Is Over

You guys:

Riding high on the successful launch of an accelerated, action packed 13-week episode cycle with more favorite Real World drama packed into 1-hour episodes, MTV has greenlit the hit reality series for a 21st season. Production will move from the west coast to the east coast as Bunim-Murray Productions begins shooting in Brooklyn, NY this summer. Continuing with the new format of expanding the episodes to one-hour, the network has ordered 12 episodes of “The Real World: Brooklyn” which is scheduled to premiere in Q1 2009.

(via Observer)

I feel like every year there are reports of how the producers have to edit around scenes of harassment by the locals. In the Philadelphia season it was so bad they couldn’t even edit that footage out, there was just too much harassment. Like, there was the episode where a guy came up in a bar and tried to hit one of the cast members with a stool, and in another episode I saw some of them were walking down the street and a beer can was thrown at them from a passing truck. I say Brooklyn can do better. We gentrified this city through the sweat on our backs and the money in our parents’ wallets, right guys?

No location has been announced yet, but it has to be Williamsburg, right? So, let’s set up some human barricades around Galapagos and Larry Lawrence. What else, hipsters? Sound Fix? Planet Thailand? I don’t live there because I don’t have any Krazy Kat and Ignatz face tattoos and i don’t ride a tall bike, help me out goofballs.