Llanview, What It Do!

Snoop Dogg performed “Sensual Seduction” on One Life to Live yesterday. I think the backstory to work him naturally into the plot of the show is that one day, a rapper named Snoop showed up and performed “Sensual Seduction”. Seriously, there’s one part where his limo driver says “Is this your first time in Llanview, Snoop?” and he says “No, me and this town go way back.” That’s it. They go way back. So much history there. I think if you watch this clip, you’ll see that it just makes sense.

(via Nah Right)

But my personal favorite is his interpretation of the opening credits.

So tight. I’ve heard rumors that when he’s in his limo, Snoop will just put on some beats and start rapping soap opera theme music, so this part is actually just a documentary.