First Look At Josh Brolin’s Big Bush

Entertainment Weekly has some exclusive pictures of Josh Brolin as George W. Bush as he gets ready to shoot Oliver Stone’s biopic, W. According to the article, Stone had trouble casting the role. Weird. I don’t really understand why anyone would be hesitant about portraying the leader of the free world, especially one as reckless and easily wounded as this one. So, how has Brolin been getting into the character?

”Sometimes I’ll call hotels in Texas and talk to the people at the front desk just to listen to their accents. And I’ve been watching a lot of video of Bush walking. It changes over the years, how he walks in his 30s, how he walks in foreign lands, before 9/11 and afterwards. People hold their emotions in their bodies. They can’t fake it. Especially him.” Elizabeth Banks, best known for turns in The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Spider-Man 3, takes a more straightforward approach to portraying First Lady Laura Bush. ”I don’t want to do an impression,” she says. ”I just want to honor her voice, her stillness, and her hairstyle.”

Between Brolin’s hotel training and Banks’s dedication to the Laura Bush hairstyle, this movie is going to send shivers through Washington. Another picture of Brolin as Bush after the jump.

“Get me the joint chiefs of staff. Would you like someone to take your bags up to your room for you? I don’t care what Congress says, you’re the Vice President, get them in line. Continental breakfast is served until 11AM. For what that man did to my father, I’ll bomb the whole fucking place back into the stone age. Of course, sir, just one moment please. Here you go, three extra towels, now is there anything else I can help you with today? Global warming is a myth!”