Amy Sedaris For President

Let’s just settle this primary nonsense and put a Blank in the White House. She’s qualified. Just read the new Onion AV Club interview with Amy Sedaris. Let me just say this, there’s no such thing as Amy Sedarisatigue, if you catch my drift. And while she may have played second fiddle to an elder member of the Talent Family for awhile, I’m pretty sure the worst episode of Strangers with Candy is still funnier than an update about the travails of flying first class. She’s on top and he’s on bottom now, Billy.

Anyway, in the interview, she talks about her experiences on the Martha Stewart Show and Late Show with David Letterman.

AV Club: You’ve mentioned on the Late Show With David Letterman that Martha Stewart tortures you between commercial breaks when you do her show. How so?

Amy Sedaris: Usually the breaks on Martha’s show are them just saying what’s coming up next. He–meaning Martha–never seems to really listen; he just does what he wants anyway. Or they say, “It’s not Jerry Black, it’s Jerri Blank.” But she keeps saying Black anyway. [Laughs.] It’s funny.

I get more torture from Letterman. Like, he’ll ask a question and it’s so funny: he’ll go to commercial and he’ll ask me something. Like one time he asked me if I’d ever done heroin. And then, I was like–I know I got the knitted brow, and I was like, “Huh?” [announcer’s voice] “And we’re back!” Or, you know, he asked me, “Don’t you ever wanted to get married and have kids?” And he’ll ask me why. [announcer’s voice] “And we’re back!” But it’s funny ’cause it’s like maybe I can’t have kids, maybe I’ve been married. It’s just funny to me–he’s invited me to Mexico. He’ll ask me something, and by the time I get a chance to answer it, the commercial’s up. So I’m always so confused, but it’s funny. Maybe he does it for that reason. I don’t know.

Amy Sedaris on Martha Stewart is one of the funniest things ever.

That clip is too truncated. Boo. You should have seen their finished cakes side-by-side. And here is her most recent visit to Letterman.

She’s great. I wish I was her imaginary boyfriend.