College Hill: Atlanta Has Mastered Television Editing

On last week’s College Hill: Atlanta, Dru got in a fight with Ashleys L. and R. at a restaurant. This week, the drama in the house stayed high. No one was willing to budge. Dru wandered around the house looking petulant and 12, while the girls gathered in the bedroom and talked shit about him. In this clip, Dru plays back the events in question:

Whenever I’m upset, I like to mull over my emotions with a cool plastic cup of Dr. Pepper. I’m sorry. There were actually more meaningful clips in last night’s episode, including the part where Shavon tried to convince Dru that he should be a man and quash it, and the scene in which the cast found out they were going to London and expressed genuine delight (notice to the Department of Reality Television: they’re going to London, not Cabo. It is possible to have a broadening experience rather than a tanning one.) But this scene is so funny to me. Just revisiting the fight and pouring Dr. Pepper, revisiting the fight and pouring Dr. Pepper. He’s so mad, and so thirsty.