Tina Fey Does Not Find Your Behavior Amusing

Unless you’re one of the 46 people who’ve signed the Stop Tina Fey petition, you probably think she’s great. But this morning she appeared at a press conference with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, where he gave a speech against pirated movies. Feyr enough. That’s her profession and her livelihood, and if she wants to spend the day in Albany, who are we to tell her she shouldn’t. But the question to you is, can she convince you to stop doing all that illegal downloading?

Obviously, we at do not condone the illegal distribution of artists’ work. We do it, but we do not condone it. It is illegal, and you should be a better person. In a lot of ways probably. Everyone should be properly compensated for their work. Would you ask the sun to stop charging you a light distribution tax? Would you ask the rain to water the crops for free? Would you ask the trees to forfeit their first-serial distribution rights? So how can you ask artists not to get all Lars Ulrich about this stuff. Nevertheless, there is a historical tendency for fans to rebuff their heroes in the face of these confrontations.

So, what’s it going to be? Fey or Free?