What Do You Give To The Woman Who Has You

This Sunday, May 11th, is Mother’s Day, and what better way to tell the woman who brought you into this world how much you love her, than with a special Horrible People e-card.

There are more available here. These e-cards are kind of weird, actually. Don’t get me wrong, obviously the sentiment is appropriate and nothing says “I love my mom” like an e-card. But since it’s the mother saying things about her child, shouldn’t moms be sending these to us? For Son’s and Daughter’s Day? Also, when you were a kid, did you ever complain on Mother’s Day about how there should be a Son’s Day and she would say “Um, every day is Son’s Day” and it wasn’t until year’s later that you realized she was referring to the thankless years and countless thousands of dollars she spent on making sure you didn’t die, but even when you realized that you still kind of thought “Buy me a present”? No? Just me then.

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