Tom Hanks Breaks His Silence On The 2008 Election

Tom Hanks endorsed Barack Obama in a MySpace video over the weekend:

(via HuffingtonPost)

Here’s the transcript for the hearing impaired:

“Hello, I’m Tom Hanks, and I want Barack Obama to be the next president of our country. I wanted to stand in my typewriter room, and share with you my views on this election season. That’s right, I have a room in my house just for typewriters. That’s all that’s in there. Of the various collections I keep, typewriters is probably my least favorite, and yet I have dedicated an entire room, the size of many homes, to their storage and display. I’m a multi-millionaire, and an actor who does not offend the middle class ethos of our conservative society. I can make fun of myself by admitting that perhaps celebrity endorsements aren’t the most valuable voice in the political debate because I can afford to make fun of myself. I’m a fucking millionaire. But at the end of the day, making fun or no, I still went ahead and made a video and put it up on MySpace because the caviar smoothies weren’t ready yet. Whether or not I make a reasoned and compelling argument for my choice of Barack Obama, doesn’t actually explain why I went as far as to post this on the internet. If this is the argument that convinces you of who to vote for, you should not vote, because there are much stronger arguments being made by the candidates themselves. This is an historic election, and it reminds me of the mini-series John Adams, which I was fortunate enough in the literal meaning of fortune as to receive monetary compensation to have worked as an executive producer. If you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to purchase it on DVD. Lord knows, the Hanks household could use a secondary wing for the overflow inventory of mimeograph machines I’m dutifully collecting. Fart blah, fart fart fart.”