I Think We Know Who Was The Real Hero Of Iron Man

I personally spent 100.8 million dollars to see Iron Man this weekend, but it was worth it. It’s just weird that no one else saw it. At this point, independent cinema has been legitimized enough that you’d think more people would have shown up. Just kidding, you guys. Ha ha ha. My armor is made out of laughter.

Did you see it? It was pretty good, right? Except for the end battle. That part was weak. But the Afghanistan sequence was smart. They got all of their best guys in one room and said “make us an awesome Afghanistan sequence” and the guys were like “done.”

Still, my favorite part of the whole movie had less to do with the awesome battles, and more to do with the audience.

Namely, there is a scene where Tony Stark and Jim Rhodes get drunk on Tony’s personal jet, and hip hop is playing in the background, and as the camera pulls back you can see a music video playing on the plasma screen behind them, and it’s a Ghostface Killah song, which is cute because of the whole Tony Starks thing, but when this appeared on the screen behind them:

(click for full video)

People actually erupted into applause in my movie theater. It was so good. I’m sorry that your movie theater is sub-par, and that your audience doesn’t even know what’s the most important stuff.