I Loves Me Som Tam

OK, this one is going to be a hard sell, but stay with me here. I know that this trailer is in Thai, not English, with no subtitles. I know that the audio is edited together kind of badly, with boyoyoing sound effects. I know that even on a rudimentary visual language level, this movie makes no sense according to this trailer and is actually three different movies. But let’s face these facts:

  1. Muay Thai movies are the new bestness.
  2. The giant bald guy eats soup or something and turns into a superhero.
  3. Then he kicks someone through a plane at the end of this trailer. So just watch it (after the jump) and shut up.

(via Twitchfilm)

Speaking of great Muay Thai movies that are the best and you guys need to get with it, I’ve noticed my “Tony Jaa” Google Alert has been silent for a few weeks now, President of Entertainment. What are we even paying you for? And don’t you dare say What Happens in Vegas.