The World Works On Haters Now

The four girls from The Hills (Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney) are on the cover of the new Rolling Stone. There’s an excerpt from the accompanying article on-line, which gives you the dirt on … the photo-shoot for the cover. Scooped! Oh, you’ll also be fascinated to know that ever since Heidi and Spencer began eating at Don Carlos on the show, more people are eating at Don Carlos. SCOOPED! Fart.

The Hills needs to spin off into its own 24-hour live channel. Because I can’t really support the cognitive dissonance between what’s happening on the show (Spencer and Heidi are broken up! Lauren and Audrina move into a house with Lo!) and the concurrent celebrity gossip indicating that none of those things are happening (Spencer and Heidi are in Washington, D.C.! Audrina doesn’t trust Lauren and locks the door to her room and Lauren is moving in with Whitney!) It’s fine for them to make everything up and turn their lives into a televised farce, but why do I have to do all the hard work? Do you know how heavy that disbelief is to suspend? Willing or no.

The best part about the whole article, though, is … well, the best part of the whole article is Spencer saying “The world works on haters now,” which I have tattooed around my biceps in Celtic script, entwined with a serpent with yin yang symbols for eyes. But the SECOND BEST part is this Rolling Stone commenter:

So true, RSFan4Eva (4Eva not including the years you just said you stopped subscribing, I assume). So much hotter and less dressed than those stupid Friends chicks. Rolling Stone is totes the best. Back on board!