Duh: Carlos Mencia Not Responsible For Popular Web Series

Time magazine reveals the creators behind the web series You Suck at Photoshop. Yes, THE Time magazine. Turns out the creators are two dudes. Crazy. The internet is so weird.

The auteurs are two ad agency refugees from Covington, Kentucky. And today, they’re unveiling a sequel to their magnum opus: Snatchbuckler’s Second Chance. You can watch the first episode here. Then come back, and I’ll tell you who’s behind it all…

Ready? Troy Hitch, 37, and Matt Bledsoe, 39 — the guys responsible for YSAP and its sequel — met a few years ago while producing a radio ad in Cincinnati, which is 10 minutes from Covington.

I never would have guessed it was Troy Hitch and Matt Bledsoe. You fooled me, you guys. But the best part of article in Time is the lede:

This might surprise the millions of fans trying to guess who’s the genius behind the hit Web series, You Suck At Photoshop, but no, it’s not the comedian Dane Cook. It’s not Will Ferrell, either.

Um? Did that surprise you guys? It’s fun when journalists have to name two examples of something, but they only have two examples. Because I’m pretty sure no one else thought this was created by Dane Cook or Will Ferrell. For one, it’s kind of funny and isn’t a total rip-off of someone else’s viral video, so that rules Dane out. And as for Will Ferrell, he’s part owner of Not that he doesn’t have tons of time to be making anonymous web videos for random websites. That’s pretty much what his business manager tells him every day: “Will, you need to be making more things without taking any credit.”

You Suck at Photoshop, episode one:

You’re right, Time, there’s almost NO WAY that could have been made by someone who wasn’t a superfamous professional comedian.