Brad Pitt Just Wants To Talk

David Fincher (Fight Club, Panic Room) has directed Brad Pitt in a new ad for a smartphone. It features Mr. Pitt walking through a very dangerous windstorm while talking on the phone, which is weird, because I was under the impression that he only traveled by ATV.

(Creativity Online via Defamer)

We hired a lip-reader to figure out what Pitt is actually saying. Full text after the jump.

“Hey…huh? No. Yeah, no. What? This is Brad Pitt. This is Brad Pitt. I am talking naturally. I am making it look like I am talking naturally. Yes. No. What? Hi. Brad Pitt. Olive Juice.”


I like David Fincher. I think he’s a good director. So I don’t know why this company spent all this money to hire him to make an ad with Brad Pitt but then won’t let him show his actual vision. This is what the ad was supposed to be before the boardroom got their hands on it.

You just got Brad Rolled.