Taunt Dat Superman

I think it goes without saying that people who wear Superman t-shirts have it coming. When you see someone wearing a Superman t-shirt, don’t you just want to shoot them in the chest and when they start to bleed, be like “I guess not”? I just made that HILARIOUS joke up on my own. It’s mine. Totally original. I don’t steal jokes. So it was fun last night when one of the coaches on Iron Ring laid into a contender with an injured ankle.

“Do you need your cape? You got the S, motherfucker, do you need your cape?” Classic. I also like when they show off their messed up knees. What happened to all those guys’s knees? I like to imagine this angry rant directed at other t-shirts.

Batman t-shirt: Do you need your wonderful toys? Where do you get those wonderful toys, motherfucker?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt: Do you need your katana blade, Leonardo?
No Fear t-shirt: Do you need your menthol cigarettes and restraining order from your ex-wife, motherfucker?