Open Call For Jake Gyllenhaal Vs. David O. Russell Footage

There’s trouble on the set of David O. Russell’s new movie, Nailed. Russell is notorious for running high-tension sets, with his infamous George Clooney fist fight and Lilly Tomlin cunt battles. Now, James Caan has already walked off the set. And there are reports that movie star Jake Gyllenhaal is having a rough time. It’s also important to note that Caan was slated to film for TWO DAYS. Two days. What a princess. I’m sure that O. Russell is a Ramona-grade nightmare, but if you can’t handle two days of argument and a paycheck, I’m pretty sure that’s on you, Caan.

So the question is, who’s going to send me the Gyllenhaal tantrum footage. Send it to me. Send it! Send it to me. Oh man, send it to me. I want to see it, you should send it to me. Why not? Come on. Send it. Send it.

Oh, and Tracy Morgan is a member of the Nailed cast. Behind-the-scenes Tracy Morgan Nailed footage. Send it to me. Come on, why not. You should send it. Send it to me. I want to see it. Everyone does. Send it. I’ll put it up on my homepage. Send it. You should send it. Send it. Send.