Check Out The Competition For The Second Season Of The Pickup Artist!

Realitywanted, the one-stop site for people who want to be on a reality show, any reality show, just put them on TV, seriously, in any context, they don’t care, has a page showing who has applied to be on upcoming reality shows, including the new second season of The Pickup Artist, advertised with the headline “Do You Have No Game When It Comes To Women/Dating?” (via Radar):

Do your interests and hobbies get in the way of your social and love life?

Are you a geeky guy who can’t seem to find a girl that has the same interests as you?

Forget Beauty and The Geek, This is a show where you will learn from the GREATEST PICK UP ARTIST. You will live in a mansion with other guys and YOU will be taught everything you need to know such as how to approach a woman, how to know when/if she is interested, how to make the first move, how to start a conversation and how to get her to call you back!!!

Ten people have already applied! Including:

A small child:

A chick:

And Your Dad:

They are going to get SO MUCH [GAME]!