Rock Of Love Reunion: Team Daisy Is Going To State

Remember in the ’80s, when sitcom writers would get lazy and do a flashback episode? And how those were the worst, and you would put down your can of Mountain Dew and be like “Shame on you, Family Ties.” That is how I feel when reality shows do their reunion episodes. Although, I guess the difference is that the whole season is shame on them. But last night’s Rock of Love reunion, while still being the absolute worst, and fuck you videogum.fart for making me watch it, but it cemented my place as captain of Team Daisy.

Maybe she’s not the most eloquent speaker, but she’s got a good heart, she is refreshingly honest about her own vulnerability as it relates to Bret “I’ll Fuck Your Mirror” Michaels, and she doesn’t even laugh when Riki Rachtman asks her questions. Not to mention how calm she remains when Bret asks her how she’s doing and then immediately cuts her off mid-sentence. Slap him! Stay classy President Bandana. Did I mention Riki Rachtman. I thought Riki Rachtman died and had his ashes rolled into a menthol cigarette. Nope. Just out there asking the tough questions, getting to the bottom of the sad ocean that is easily manipulable strippers doing their best to find an emotional connection without recognizing that on television there is no such thing. He’s like Charlie Rose, if Charlie Rose’s brain had been poisoned by tattoo ink.

Team Daisy 4ever.