An Open Letter To The Office

Dear The Office,

You’re a great show, so congratulations on that and stuff. As someone who has worked in plenty of offices, you’re really nailing offices. You did it! They are horrible! Did you know that you spend more time with people you work with than you do with your ownzzzzzzzzzzz.

But, um, can we talk about something real quick? Kevin? The overweight accountant? On a show that is known for capturing the funny sadness of flawed people trying their best in a semi-naturalistic light, your decision to have a sloppy throw-back caricature with a goofy voice hamming it up seems weird to me.

Here are a few of Kevin’s lines from just last night’s episode.

Come on. This is ham-fisted. It’s clownish. Maybe this works on My Name Is Earl, but here everyone around him looks like Sidney Poitier (he was white and used to be on the Daily Show, right?)

Please do not misunderstand me. I am sure that Brian Baumgartner, the actor who portrays Kevin, is both a gentleman, and a hilarious actor. I blame Greg Daniels and Ricky Gervais. Or someone. I’ll blame anyone other than Brian Baumgartner. Maybe I’ll blame Brian Baumgartner a little bit. But he is not alone in this. Someone directed him. You guys, let’s get it together. This Kevin stuff has to stop. By God as my witness, I will quit watching your show if this is not fixed.