Top Chef Gets A Little Project Runway

You kind of get the sense that the Top Chef production team, in addition to cameramen and line producers and best boy grips, also includes a Professional Blog Consultant who makes sure that there is at least one scene in each episode that is self-contained and just embarrassing enough for the contestants that it will get discussed in the online blogopolis. For example, last night, Spike and Mark got into a bubble bath together. With a bottle of champagne.

I really relate to Spike in this scene. Whenever I’m considering whether or not I’m going to develop a meaningful friendship with someone, I ask the following questions:

  1. Are they in New York City?
  2. Do they have curly hair?
  3. Is he a cool looking dude that’s just nice to relax with?

Also, I can’t understand what Mark is saying at the very end of this clip, but I’m pretty sure it needs a nullus.