Four Women In Florida Have Stopped Being Polite And Started Getting Falsely Imprisoned

In the age of Joe Francis, it is important for women to be extra protective of their bodies, their selves. For example, many martial arts schools will offer women-only self defense courses (sometimes even for free), and you should be able to find a wide array of purse-sized weaponry that will might just help you ward off an attack at your local weapons store. But there is still no protection from “aspiring reality TV directors” (I’m just learning that’s a real thing. Tisch will probably have a degree in it next fall.) From the Huffington Post:

APOPKA, Fla. — Police charged an aspiring reality show director with blocking four women–half of a cast billed as ordinary girls hoping to become “princesses”–from leaving the central Florida house where the show was being shot.

This would never happen at a scripted, four-camera sitcom!

Seriously, though, what?

Marc Brilleman, 33, identified as the chief operating officer, director and writer of “Pauper to Princess,” was arrested Saturday on a charge of false imprisonment.

According to the show’s Web site, its concept was to build the eight women’s self-esteem and help them grow physically, mentally and spiritually. As with many reality shows, the women lived in a house while the program was taped. Producers were trying to sell the show to a TV network.

Four of the women told investigators Brilleman blocked and locked a door when they tried to leave the house, where they had been since February and had been able to leave on weekends, said Jerome Miller, a commander for Apopka police northwest of Orlando.

Brilleman initially denied stopping the women when questioned by police, then said “they could not leave because they were being disciplined,” Miller said. Brilleman also told them they could not leave because they were under contract, the police report said.

Fuuuuck. Disciplined? Did it not put the lotion in the basket?

You guys seriously need to check out the show’s website, it’s like if Geocities tried to make a reality show. On behalf of, I would genuinely like to extend my best wishes to the women involved. It is seriously fucked up. But also, and this is for everyone, don’t go live in a house in Florida because some guy with a PXL-2000 tells you he’s got a cousin who works at the WB.