The Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise”

You know how they say that even when pizza is bad, it’s good? Or is that sex? Same difference, am I right? Also: I’m pretty sure that sometimes when sex is bad, it’s bad. I’ve seen Bitter Moon. And I know for a fact that when pizza is bad, it’s bad. MY POINT IS that even when Tracy Morgan is bad (read: kind of boring), he is good. I will always enjoy watching him on the television. That is why I make you this vow: I will try and bring you all the Tracy Morgan clips I can find, as they happen in nature, except when I am too lazy or stupid to do so. This will be VERY often, because my body is 80 percent water, 10 percent lazy, and 10 percent stupid. So please send your Tracy Morgan tips to [email protected]. But in the meantime, here is Tracy Morgan on this morning’s The View.

Seriously, though, Domino’s, Oreo Dessert Pizza? Who were the ad wizards that came up with what’s wrong with you guys?