Rock of Love 2: If A Finale Happens And No One Cares, Does It Make A Spoiler?

Last night, the second season of Rock of Love shuddered and sobbed to a close. It was down to Ambre and Daisy and SPOILER ALERT no one cares. I will say this, though, throughout the season I found Daisy totally laughable for her 13-year-old’s mentality towards love and her 9-year-old’s mentality towards the English language. But everything changed last night when I had finally had it with Ambre and her “cunning” (remember we are dealing with emotional and mental children, so a piece of string cheese is “cunning”) manipulativeness. She’s one of these women who pretends that her hands are always clean and that she never says a bad thing about anyone, when in reality her hands are not clean and she does not never say a bad thing about anyone. Whoops, looks like someone (me) has some buried resentment. I should make a juvenile revenge film. OK, so I don’t like Ambre, and am now, after the fact, officially on Team Daisy.

But the real winner of last night’s finale was the beautiful balcony overlooking the ocean. Pay attention, guys.

Rock of Love, more like Rock of Lazy Editing! Am I right, guys? Either that, or Ambre’s a big bi and fucked both of them. On separate beautiful balconies overlooking the ocean.